Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Did people in the Bible have last names?


My name is Cliff Sabroe. My first name is “Cliff” and my last name (also known as my family name is “Sabroe”). During Bible times names were not said in the same way. You will instead see names like “Cliff, son of Robert” or “Cliff the Preacher”. The way an individual was distinguished from another of the same name during Bible times was usually by their occupation or who their father was. Other times you have a person being designated by the place they are from like “Jesus of Nazareth”.

So although individuals in the Bible did not have “last names” as we do, they still had ways to identify and differentiate between people of the same name. An example would be the two disciples called Simon. Simon Peter is called “Simon Son of Jonah” while the other is referred to as “Simon the Zealot”.
By Cliff Sabroe