Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What happened to Joseph (The Father of Jesus)? Why is he not mentioned at the crucifixion?

What does the Bible say about the earthly father of Jesus? There is a lot of speculation about Joseph. (How did he live? Why wasn’t he at the crucifixion?). The Bible Answer Show strives to only give Bible Answers. 

What the Bible Says About Joseph.
  • Hometown: Nazareth (Luke 2:4).
  • Father’s Name: Jacob (Matthew 1:16).
  • Betrothed to Mary and Later Becomes Her Husband: (Matthew 1:18, 1:24).
  • Keeps Mary a Virgin Until After the Birth of Jesus: (Matthew 1:24-25).
  • Obeys the Message of God Delivered By an Angel on Multiple Occasions: (Matthew 1:20-21, 2:13).
  • With Mary at the the Time of Christ’s Birth: (Luke 2:6).
  • Presents Jesus in the Temple in Accordance with the Law of Moses: (Luke 2:22-24).
  • Fleas to Egypt to Protect Jesus: (Matthew 2:14-15)
  • Ultimately Settles in Nazareth: (Luke 2:39)
  • Travels with his Family to Jerusalem for the Passover when Jesus is 12: (Luke 2:41-51).
  • A Carpenter by Trade: (Mark 6:3)
This is all the Bible says about Joseph. He is absent in the adult years of Jesus’ life. He is not mentioned at the Wedding at Cana or with Mary at the Crucifixion. This often leaves the reader perplexed. Why was he not there?

It is assumed that he most likely passed away during the teenage years of Jesus’ life. One’s life expectancy was not very long at this time, and we do not know how old he was when Jesus was born, thus, it is very likely that he died. Some would assert that he abandoned his family sometime during Jesus’ life, but this seems to be contrary to the faithful character he demonstrates throughout the Bible and is nothing more than wild speculation. Joseph was a godly man who obeyed God and helped raise the Messiah. Thanks be to God for this great example of faithfulness!

By Cliff Sabroe