Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What is modest dress?

The Bible does make it clear that a Christian should dress "modestly". 

What is modesty?
  • There are certain parts of our bodies that are arousing to the opposite sex (The book of Song of Solomon makes this very clear). These parts of our body should not be uncovered or emphasized because we may be enticing one to lust by our type of clothing or lack there of. 
  • We should never dress in a way that may cause someone else to stumble and sin. 
  • We should not dress in away that would attract attention toward ourselves that is unsavory or unneeded. In fact, we should catch peoples attention by our godly character and not our ungodly dress.
Wesley Walker @ presents this advise for one trying to be "modest".
  • "Don’t let the world set your standards.  If your definition of thinking through modesty issues is to go to the store and buy whatever they sell, then you have a problem.  A lot of stuff that are sold in stores should not be in the closet of the Christian.  Stores are trying to make money. They are not attempting to honor God with their purchases.  Christians, though, should be".
  •  "Ask: what does how I dress say about me?" 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Peter 3 both show that Christians (specifically Christian women in the context), need to make sure that they dress modestly. They should want to be known by their godly character and their quiet spirits.  Immodest dress that unduly draws attention to a woman hinders this. Whether this dress is to show off wealth, or sexuality, women need to consider what they are saying with their dress".
  • "Consider others.  The verses in Scripture that speak of offending others have often times been misused.  However, in this case it is appropriate to take them into consideration.  Offended, or being a stumbling block, in these sections, means doing something that causes your brother to sin.   Clothing has the ability to do this.  Seductive clothing can cause people to stumble.  So if you are wearing clothing to draw attention to your sexuality, then you need to consider what that will do to others."
Be cautious about what you wear. I think it is easy to subconsciously dress in a way that causes people to "check us out" as opposed to "Seeking Christ".

By Cliff Sabroe  - Citations from