Monday, November 19, 2012

Stay Tuned: More questions to be answered soon?

Here is a sampling of some questions that are going to be answered soon. Check back often and keep sending in questions.  We would much rather receive questions than anticipate potential ones. Remember, what God says still matters!
Questions recently received and soon to be answered:
  • How is a Christian to interpret Revelation? Is a Christian to worry about certain prophesies from Revelation that are seeming to come to pass like strange weather, earthquakes, rampant immorality, certain World Wars, etc.
  • Based on Daniel 10:13, 12:1 and Ephesians 6:12 (world forces) does God have angels and Satan demons (princes) over certain countries?
Questions anticipated to be answered soon:
  • Do I have to go to church?
  • Can I trust my English Bible?
  • Is Francis Chan right about Baptism?
Keep the questions coming and be sure to bookmark The Bible Answer Show.  We will be on the air starting December 8th 2012.

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