Monday, November 12, 2012

Elders are to be “husbands of one wife” and “not a drunkard”. Does this mean that non-elders can get drunk and have more than one wife?

Here are some points to note when studying the qualifications of Elders:
  • 1. Some of the qualifications listed cannot be met by all people. (“having a household”).
  • 2. Some are only commands given to those desiring to be an elder (“having children that believe”).
  • 3. Some of the qualifications are just a reiteration of previous commands given to all.
    • (ie. "Not violent, not a lover of money, hospitable:).
    • It seems that point #3 would apply to the question of polygamy and drunkenness. The command of not being a drunkard not being a polygamist or a womanizer is a command for all, but is reemphasized when discussing the qualification of elders, for they need to be "above reproach".
Question submitted at the West Visalia Church of Christ Youth Forum
Post By Cliff Sabroe