Friday, November 9, 2012

Does the Church of Christ believe that they are the only ones going to Heaven?

The Question: Does the Church of Christ believe they are the only ones going to heaven? 
Before answering this question, one must define what is meant by the “Church of Christ”.

What is the “Church of Christ”?

The answer varies depending on who you ask. Some say it is a “Christian Denomination” started in the early 1800‘s. Some say it is a large group of autonomous congregations that use the title “Church of Christ”. The real question is...
What does the Bible Teach?

Biblically, when one believes in Christ (John 8:24), Repents of Sins (Acts 2:38), Confesses Christ as Lord (Romans 10:10) and Calls on the Lord through baptism (Acts 22:16), they are then added to the group of those who are “in Christ” (ie. the saved / the church). (Acts 2:41)Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. What were they added to?

They were added to “the saved”.

Groups of those who are saved are referred to as many different terms in scripture. Household, Kingdom, Priesthood, Temple/Building, body. The church, the church of God, the church of Christ. Christians, Disciples, Servants, Flock,  Army, Wife, Bride. None of these are names or titles, but descriptive terms.

Locally, We choose to describe the Christians that assemble in West Visalia as the church of Christ.

We have chosen to employ this descriptive term as have many other congregations of Christians. In Bible times we might have been referred to as “the church in Visalia”. What a group of believers call themselves (as long as it is a Biblically accurate description) is not as important as who they are faithfully following.

The Initial Question: Does the Church of Christ believe they are the only ones going to Heaven?

The Answer:
  • Yes, if by “church of Christ” you mean all those who have become Christians and were added to the church by God (Acts 2).
  • NO, if by “Church of Christ” you mean anyone who assembles using that title.
Salvation is Exclusive:

Jesus made it clear that He is the only path to the Father (John 14:6). If one does not submit to Christ, trust solely in Him and obey His gospel they are not Christians. When one is baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins trusting in Christ’s sacrifice they do become a Christian and become part of Christ’s church. The church of God/Christ, Lord’s body, Household of God is not bound by geography, buildings, cultures or language, it is universal.

The Church Will Be Saved:

All over this world today true Christians are meeting together to worship God. Each one of these groups are congregations of the universal church of Christ. The church of God has no headquarters other than heaven, no head other than Christ and no creed other than the Bible. Some of these assemblies of saints will meet in homes, rented places, outside, or in a purchased building. We share fellowship with all of these Christians because we are all part of the household of God, we are the church.

There are those who call themselves “the church” today but have not put on Christ (Gal. 3:27). These individuals are not “the church” because unless they follow Christ, God has not added them. There are churches with organizing bodies, denominational headquarters, etc. This is not how the church in the New Testament is described. The church of the Bible is described as many local congregations of faithful followers of God who have been added at the time of there conversion to the universal “church of Christ”.

Is it a true statement to say “The Church of Christ believes they are the only ones going to heaven!”??

This is a true statement if one understands what the Bible describes as the “church of Christ”.

God Wants to Add You To His Church

If you have only been added to a manmade denomination it is time to leave and come to Christ and Christ alone. God will add you to His church, the fellowship of those who are saved,  a community of saints who Christ has redeemed. Jesus is going to come again for His church and will take His church to Heaven. Christ’s church is the only church going to heaven, because it is the is only true church. The church we read about in the Bible can be described in many different ways, meet in different places and still be the same church.

Question Restated: Does the Church of Christ Believe they are the Only Ones going to Heaven?

Scriptural Answer:

The church of Christ as God views it is not a denominational title but a descriptive term for those who were saved by the blood Christ through their obedience to the gospel. These were added by God to the group of those who have done the same (the Church). Only followers of Christ (ie. His church) will be saved.

By Cliff Sabroe